University Medical Center of New Orleans

Hospital Planning Documents

MCLNO Timeline

Public Meeting Dates

Memorandum of Understanding

UMC Articles of Incorporation

MCLNO Site & Facility Master Plan ADAMS (May 2005)

MCLNO Strategic & Campus Plan Update ADAMS (May 2007)

MCLNO Business Plan Update Phase 2 Consulting (May 2007)

MCLNO Business & Campus Master Plan Update Phase 2 Consulting (June 2008)

MCLNO Business Plan Review by Department of Health and Hospitals (June 2008)

MCLNO Business Plan Review by New Orleans Downtown Development District (May 2008)

MCLNO Feasibility Study for Foundation of Historical Louisiana by RMJM Executive Summary (August 2008)

MCLNO Feasibility Study by RMJM (August 2008)

DOA Response to the Foundation for Historical Louisiana / RMJM Study (November 2008)

DOA Response to Rep. Jim Fannin, Chair, House Appropriations Committee (February 2009)

Programmatic Agreement regarding the funding to repair or replace health care facilities comprising the Veteran's Affairs Medical Center MCLNO

FEMA Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) (2008)

MLCNO Business Plan Review by DHH (April 2010)

Charity Decision for FEMA Award (January 2010)

UMC NO JACOBS Monthly Report (June 2010)

UMC Proposed Business Plan Validation presented by KaufmanHall (June 2011)

Business Plan for University Medical Center (September 2011)

U.S. Healthcare Industry Trends & Implications for Academic Medical Centers (March 1, 2012)

State of Louisiana Division of Administration Facility and Planning Control UMC Board Update (March 1, 2012)

UMCMC Louisiana Market Overview (March 16, 2012)


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